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  January 17, 2019
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Dr. Shrink, Inc.
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Your International Shrinkwrap Supplier
Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full service - full circle supplier of premium shrinkwrap and all installation accessories. We are noted for quality products, prompt service, competitive pricing and helpful installation advice. At all times, we stock over 300,000 pounds of premium 6 & 7 mil shrinkwrap in widths of 10'-40', plus all items needed for installation.

Need it quickly? Our shipping department is second to none--and we'll ship orders same day if received by 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Along with quality, service and price, we also have 15 years experience in the shrinkwrap field and can help you with any installation questions or problems.

Hardware Kits including heat tool with 25 ft of hose, long cuff safety gloves, safety glasses, film cutting knife, training CD, and written application instructions

Installation Kits include ¾" x 300ft woven cord strapping, blue repair tape. ten ¾" buckles, 4 self-adhesive vents, one REBAG® recylcing kit and written application instructions.

Shrinkwrap rolls precut to fit your boat. 3 size rolls for 14-24ft, 25-29ft, and 30-38ft boats.

Optional Accessories; 30" x 48" Zipper Access Door, 2 Pack of self adhesive vents, rolls of ¾" x 300 ft strapping, rolls of 2" x 180 ft blue heat shrink repair tape.
Dr. Shrink's DS-683S Solar Powered Vent Our proven DS-683 Self-Adhesive Vent has increased it’s versatility by now being powered by a solar cell and high speed fan. This makes the DS-683S a durable, inexpensive ventilator that can be used on shrinkwrap, tents, dock boxes, fabric mooring covers, shrinkwrap, etc. to remove moisture and odors.

A new product from "Go With The Flow Solutions"
TidemindersTM—Roll With the Flow
The TidemindersTM system for controlling dock/mooring lines in tidal waters is simply amazing. This inexpensive string of black pearls protects lines against fouling and chafing—and your lines will roll up and down any size piling with the tide eliminating the need to constantly adjust lines during storms and tidal changes. As the balls move up and down they offer constant tension with built in shock absorption.

Installation requires no tools! If you can tie a figure 8 knot you’re ready to use the TidemindersTM system. One package of 9 TidemindersTM balls give you protection on any size piling.

Cost per TidemindersTM kit is only: $49.50 retail. Available at Dr. Shrink's web site.

For more information, please visit Dr. Shrink's web site. connects boater.
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