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  January 17, 2019
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Dr. Shrink
Boat Shrinkwrap & Gear
Sales & Specials
Close Out Specials
$ALE, While Supplies Last!
Deluxe Magnum Bait Cutting Board
Cut Bait!
TeaQua - Oil, Pigment, and Sealer
TeaQua Beautifies Teak
Personalized Jackets and Outerwear
Personalized Jackets
Victor Boat Steering Wheels
Victor Wheels
Custom Pet Placemats
Boater's Best Friend
Wind Charger
Wind Charger
Pirate Decor
Pirate Decor
Nautical Bells
Nautical Bells
AnchorSuit, Anchor Safety and Protection
TitanSTOR Dock Box
10 Year Warrantee
Renew, restore your inflatable boat
SRC Tuff-Coat
Nautical Jewelry
Nautical Jewelry
Line Caddy
Line Caddy
Dock & Anchor Line Chafe Guard
Line Chafe Guards
Distinctive Nautical/Tropical Metal Art
Nautical Art
Marine SuperSump Shower Sump Tank
Holding & Sump Tanks
Breeze bandit
Breeze Bandit
Motor Lifts
Motor Lifts
Dino Marine Steering Wheels
Marine Steering Wheels
Mermaids Cabin Air Conditioners
Cabin Air
Aqua Lights Underwater Lighting
Sea in the Dark
Fiorentino's Para-Anchor
Drawer Unit Refrigeration
Drawer Refrigeration
Signal Mate, Boating Safety through Better Signaling
Signal Mate
Swim Platform Davits
Roll On Davits
 News Releases
 Commission Sales
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 Commercial Accounts
Commercial Accounts
 Promotion News:
Choose the sales and promotion package that fits your Boating Business.
Flat Fee - Post your "For Sale" boating items for a flat fee starting at $5.99. Posting rates available for as little as $0.95 each.
Commission Accounts - Have you thought about trying out Our commission account offers no risk, your sale terms and full product promotion, we only get paid when we sell your products! will promote and sell your boating items for a small commission fee.   Review our standard  Contact YOS today for a customized commission agreement for your products and business.  YOS Commission Agreement View standard commission agreement and terms. (requires Adobe AcrobatTM) Our Commission Agreement is amendable for your individual business needs.
Advertising - Targeted Ad blocks run for 30 days. Advertising includes "For Sale" posting credits, advertiser promotion page, and inclusion in our promotional, weekly email Newletters. Advertising Rates can tailor individual advertising, commission and promotion packages to your business's needs. Please call us at (401) 580-4956 and see how easy it is to start using's unique services today. is one of the top boating destinations on the web.
Feature Product Corner. Promote your product or service on with links to your posting, advertising and web site for 30 days, only $269. Reduced rates available for ad rotation and multi-month plans. Contact YOS today.
News Releases - What's news at
Link to and bring customers to your For-Sale items.
YOS Business Users may purchase a single, 'For Sale' posting or a subscription for multiple, 'For Sale' postings. Contact us for special business promotions on standard subscriptions. Special promotions may include bundled advertising, product links and reports.
 Description Price   Number of
"For Sale"
Marina Trader1 Posting $9.00 1   $9.00
Dock Swap2 Postings $15.00 2   $7.50
Bosun Mate10 Postings $34.99 10   $3.50
Boat Locker24 Postings $69.00 24   $2.88
Ship Yard300 Postings $599.00 300   $2.00
Navy Stores2,000 Postings $1,899.00 2,000   $0.95
* a "For Sale" posting credit can be used for YOS Picture Hosting
YOS Commercial accounts are designed for businesses that anticipate posting many products on the web site during a year. YOS Commercial contracts are for one year. Postings can be made at any time during the contract period. Postings are active for 90 days or until a Part Match is complete.
Available Commercial accounts:
Postings Monthly Fee $ per Posting
1,000 $125 $1.50
2,000 $225 $1.35
5,000 $500 $1.20
10,000 $750 $0.90
YOS provides special promotions, (advertising space, your postings on a linkable page, posting reports) for commercial account customers.
Set up a commercial account with Postings are billed to your account monthly. Contact YOS today, email or (401)580-4956, and increase your sales.
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