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  September 18, 2018

FUR-FAX30 NavNet Weatherfax/Navtex Receiver

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FUR-FAX30 NavNet Weatherfax/Navtex Receiver - Furuno Black Box Weatherfax & Navtex Receiver, MFG# FAX30, Connects to a 10.4” NavNet-vx2 or any NavNet-3D display or to a PC through an Ethernet hub. Uses internet browser when hooked to a PC. Antenna (FUR-FAX5) NOT included. *NON-STOCK Item*
Manufacturer: Furuno
*Non-Stock Item*
FUR-FAX30 NavNet Weatherfax/Navtex Receiver
List Price: $1,300.00
Our Price: $1,197.37 (US Shipping: $12.90)

Ask for international shipping.
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Weather FAX/Navtex Receiver for NavNet vx2 and NavNet 3D

Furuno's new FAX30 can turn your NavNet display or PC into a Weatherfax and Navtex receiver. This waterproof ”Black Box” unit connects directly to a NavNet display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. If it is connected to an Ethernet hub that has multiple 10.4” NavNet displays attached, each of those displays will have access to the FAX30. In addition, the FAX30 has the capability of being connected to a standard PC with Ethernet card.

The unit itself receives valuable weather images and navigational information. When connected to a 10.4” NavNet-vx2 or any NavNet 3D display, the image and information is displayed directly on screen, with softkey menu options for ease of use. On a PC, the images and information are displayed by simply using your Web Browser. There is no complicated proprietary software to install or learn. You can even print all of the information using your PC and printer!

Combine the new FAX30 with NavNet's true color Radar and you have the ultimate in weather tracking. Now you can navigate more safely even during uncertain conditions.

Additional Features:

  • Cost effective paperless weatherfax and Navtex receiver
  • Connect to a generic PC equipped with Ethernet
  • Selectable display colors: 8 gray tones, monochrome, blue shades, pink and black, red and blue
  • User friendly softkey menu operation on NavNet display
  • Store a maximum of 12 weatherfax images (depending on file size)
  • Navtex messages can be retrieved in a table listing of up to 130 stored files
  • Stored images/messages can be shown at any time
  • 320 user programmed channels
  • Noise rejection for clear image
  • Thumbnail view for easy selection of stored images
  • Phase and synchronization adjustments even after completed reception
  • Waterproof - IEC 60529
  • Dimensions: 8.5”W x 1.8”H x 11.8”D; Wt: 4.4 lbs.
  • Additional Components (sold separately):

  • External antenna (Part # FUR-FAX5)

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    Clipper Easy Navtex w/Antenna SKU# 51241 Clipper Easy Navtex w/Antenna SKU# 51241
    Easy Navtex is designed for panel mounting and is supplied with antenna, power cable and dust cover. Features: Non volatile program memory. 518 & 490 kHz operation with programmable channel switching. Display size: L-150mm, H-112mm, D-42mm. Compact panel mount display (stirrup mount bracket available). Large letters for easy viewing. Built in real time spectrum analyser. Very high contrast display with white backlight. Power save auto timer on backlight. MFG #: CL-ENT
    Clipper Marine PC Navtex USB SKU# 48091 Clipper Marine PC Navtex USB SKU# 48091
    The PC Navtex USB is a two channel Navtex Receiver designed to operate on your personal computer. 518 and 490kHz message reception. 12 volt supply with low 27mA current consumption. Connects to standard Nasa Navtex antenna supplied. Supply voltage 10 to 16 volts DC. Dimensions 115 x 100 x 30mm. Antenna length 195mm (complete with 7 metre cable). Supplied with PC CD software, USB connection lead, fused power cable and active antenna. Compatible with Windows XP to 7. MFG #: CL-PCNAVUSB
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    FUR-000112623	Telephone Handset for F1503 SSB Radio FUR-000112623 Telephone Handset for F1503 SSB Radio
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