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  October 23, 2018

Pro Pedestal Model# 1032P

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Pro Pedestal Model# 1032P - Square/Flat Adapter 32” Height (81cm)
Manufacturer: CVI Marine - Pro Pedestals
Pro Pedestal Model# 1032P
Our Price: $545.00 (US Shipping: $30.00)
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The Inner and Outer Tube components are ¼” thick 6061 & 6063 aluminum, CNC machined and GTAW welded to the 6061 machined pedestal base. The outer tube is 3-1/2” in diameter for extra strength to hold large seats and foot rest attachments. The tube components are separated by a layer of Nylon 6 with molybdenum for lubricity. A black PVC bellows is also used at the transition of the tubes to protect inner components during operation. All aluminum components are anodized prior to the polyester powder coating resistant to UV and salt water exposure. All hardware is type 316 stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance.


The standard Pro Pedestal® has a 2-7/8” diameter post designed to fit all swivel mounts and spider/slider seat adapters. A square plate adapter is used to fit flat bottomed seats and bench or bolster seat frames. The adapters also allow height adjustability of 1-3”. Pro Pedestal® has a circular base for deck mounting with a standard 6-hole pattern and 8-3/16” bolt diameter. Rectangular or flat-sided bases are also available for tighter space requirements. Pro Pedestal® is a heavy duty pedestal for use in commercial and military applications where dual pedestals have been used with larger seats and rougher sea conditions.


* 20 years of combined engineering technology and service on all types of boats

* Constructed from aerospace alloys for light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance

* Coil over/dual spring technology used with velocity sensitive hydraulic dampers

* Adapters allow fit to any type of seat, bench or bolster and allow for height adjustment

* Manufactured 100% in the USA to meet the highest quality standards

* Lifetime warranty on shock mechanism and 5 years on pedestals

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