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  September 24, 2018

9-1102V7S VentiAir Lift Control Push Button Operated

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9-1102V7S VentiAir Lift Control Push Button Operated - 110V Push-Button Oper, single Supply. for lifts under7,000 lbs. 2 year manufacturer warranty on lift controls. 12L x12W x 30H (in) Weight: 35lbs.
Manufacturer: OMC Outdoor
9-1102V7S VentiAir Lift Control Push Button Operated
Our Price: $442.47 (US Shipping: $48.00)
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VertiAir™ Lift Control Model 9-1102V7S Features:

  • Push button operation
  • Single supply 110vac
  • Up to 7,000 lbs boat lifts
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 27H
  • Standard VertiAir™ units are operated via push-button for easy operation and simplicity


  • Air pressure-tested valves and fittings
  • Internal sealed-end motor bearings for maximum moisture protection
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials
  • Lockable UV-resistant marine-grade rotational-molded polyethylene cover
  • Motors equipped with hold-down bracket and optional pest screen
  • 20A GFCI protected – exceeds all Corp of Engineers requirements
  • True full-flow valve and manifold design for maximum airflow operation
  • Made-in-USA high-performance CFM 2-stage and 3-stage blower motors

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