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  October 22, 2017

Todd - Pro Series Slider 2-7/8”

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Todd - Pro Series Slider 2-7/8” - CLOSE OUT SPECIAL!
Todd -Pro Series Slider 2-7/8”. Designed for larger helm seats, these heavy-duty sliders are built tough for added strength and durability. They feature strong Celcon bearings and are CNC machined to exact standards. Positive locking spring-loaded pin for secure connection of slider to pedestal. Stainless steel handle with vinyl grip. Comply with the highest ABYC standards. Slider top plate is 8 1/4”W x 13 1/4”L. Slides 5 1/4” fore and aft. Part #: 20-2012
Todd - Pro Series Slider 2-7/8”
Our Price: $117.00 (US Shipping: $24.50)

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