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  December 19, 2018
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Potable water management system for boats and RVs

WATERCOUNTERTM system comes complete and includes Digital Display, WATERCOUNTERTM Sender, 2 brass 1-1/2 inch thread converters, installation and operating instructions.

WATERCOUNTERTM Water Management System - Never run out of water because of a bad or inaccurate gauge. Know exactly how much potable water you have in your tanks, to the nearest gallon, all the time.

WATERCOUNTERTM Water Management System allows you to:

  • Accurately check the capacity of your tank.
  • Preset the capacity of your tank in the Digital Display
  • When you top off your tank press the reset button, the tank's capacity is displayed.
  • As you use water the Digital Display counts down (by gallons) to zero.
  • A preset reserve can be established (if desired).
  • Track water usage from several tanks with only one gauge.
WATERCOUNTERTM WC-1 WaterCounter Water System includes Digital Display, WATERCOUNTERTM Sender, 2 brass 1-1/2 inch thread converters, installation and operating instructions.
Price: $368.29   (US Shipping: $21.50)

WaterCounter Water System
WATERCOUNTERTM Additional Sender only
WaterCounter Additional Sender only
Price: $195.00   (US Shipping: $21.50)

Ask for international shipping.
WATERCOUNTERTM comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and is guaranteed to perform as described.

Simply install the Sending Unit (meter) in the line on the "pressure" side of the water pump. (Note: Sending Unit comes with 1 ½ in. long brass ¼ in. NPT adapters). Extend the wiring (following the detailed instructions supplied with the WATERCOUNTERTM) up to 100 feet away and connect to the display. The Digital Display unit requires a 12 volt, 24 volt, or 32 volt DC power supply and provides a bright display.

WATERCOUNTERTM comes to you with the Computerized Digital Display formatted to read from zero up when the reset button is pushed. This allows you to find out how much water you can draw from your tank. Once this is determined (by topping off and using the water until the tank is empty) you simply reset the digital display to count down (shown in the instructions) and change the zero set point to whatever is the gallon capacity of your tank is. Then, each time the tank is topped off and the reset button is pushed the display shows the capacity of your tank and counts down (as gallons are used) always showing exactly how many gallons of water you have.

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