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  December 18, 2018
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Victor Marine Hydraulic Steering
  Easy Installation on All Brands of Outboard Engines
Victor Hydraulic Steering
  • Pumps and cylinders are precision milled from high grade aluminum, no castings!
  • Anodized surface finish and paint
  • Pumps include 2 4-lobe seals to ensure zero leakage
  • Cylinders include 2 4-lobe seals, 1 dust seal and 1 bearing
  • Piston includes 2 4-lobe seals and 1 PTFE-BZ piston ring
  • Torque stresses are borne by the piston ring and bearing, NOT the seals.
  • Very simple and easy to install on any brand of outboard engine.
  • Hoses designed and manufactured to withstand 6,000 psi.
  • Special twin hose mount easily with fittings.
  • Pumps and cylinders include assembled fitting sand bleed valve.
  • Model MF90 W MF90WMRA MF300 TF MU50
    Engine Type Outboard Outboard Outboard Inboard
    Max. Size 90 HP 150 HP 300 HP 40 Feet
    Max. Speed 50 Kt/58 mph 50 Kt/58 mph 65 Kt/74 mph 50 Kt/58 mph
    Output Force 595 lbs 595 lbs 1087 lbs 780 lbs
    Cylinder Stroke 8.125" 8.125" 8" 5.875"
    Cylinder Volume 4.21 cu in 4.21 cu in 8.72 cu in 5.06 cu in
    Max. Cylinder Pressure 870 psi 870 psi 1450 psi 870 psi
    Pump Model TL1-16 TL1-16 MRA TL2-25-MRA-F TL1-16 (MRA*)
    Vol/rev of Pump 0.98 cu in 0.98 cu in 1.83 cu in 0.98 cu in
    Working Pressure of Pump 870 psi 870 psi 1160 psi 870 psi
    Lock to Lock Turns 4.3 4.3 5.7 4.3
    Length of Hose 16 ft 16 ft 23 ft 16 ft
    Non Feed-back Valve Partial Yes Yes No*
    * For autopilot installation, non feedback valve MRA is required
    Victor Hydraulic Steering
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     Fax: (941) 580-5840
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