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  February 16, 2019
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Fiorentino Para-Anchor, Sea Anchor, Drogue, Boat Storm Survival. Fiorentino Para-Anchor
Storm Survival Gear for All Boats
Para-Anchor Details  |  Offshore Anchor |  Coastal Anchor |  Essential Para-Anchor Accessories
Fiorentino Para-Anchor, Sea Anchor, Drogue, Boat Storm Survival.
Whether you're a novice or an offshore expert, review the essentials of the Fiorentino Rigging System. Learn why thousands of people never leave port without their Para-Anchor Storm Survival Gear.

Simple Operation - To get started equipping your boat with Fiorentino Storm Survival Gear, you'll need a Fiorentino parachute sea anchor, a good Deployment Rode and a Fiorentino Trip Line. Deploy your Para-Anchor by simply dropping it off the bow of any trawler or sailboat and you're done. Optional Para-Anchor equipment is available to provide a more comfortable ride.
Top Rated by SAIL, Cruising World, and Pratical Sailor magazines.
The Basic Para-Anchor System

Sport Fisherman
Fiorentino Para-Anchor Offshore
A: Retrieval Float - Boat fenders work well as the marker float for the tail end of the Fiorentino Trip Line for easy recovery of the Para-Anchor.
B: Trip Line Support Float - A small float secured in the center of a floating trip line.
C: Fiorentino Trip Line - Used to help in deflation and recovery of the para-anchor.
D: Weight - Reduces parachute rotation and prevents shrouds from twisting.
E: Para-Ring® - Serves as an attachment point for the anchor rode and maintains a wide spread of shroud lines, which enables the anchor stabilizer to more easily self-adjust.
F: Deployment Rode - A strong, braided nylon rope that connects the parachute anchoring system to the bow of a vessel. The amount of rode varies with weather conditions, rule of thumb, 10 feet of rode for every foot of boat.
G: Snatch Block - A stainless steel swivel block is used when a bridle assembly is required for improving the boat's response to waves.
H: Fiorentino Pendant Line - A stiff length of rope with a block at the end. When the block is attached to the anchor rode, the pendant line can be connected to a stern winch to form a bridle.
I: Pendant Line Support Floats - Two small floats located near the snatch block that keep the pendant line afloat whenever it becomes slack.
J: Chafe Gear - Wrapped around the anchor rode or pendant line to reduce chafing when the line rubs against the vessel and her rigging

Deployment Rode Length - Trawlers and sailboats pay out 300' to 600' of rode. Sport fishermen will pay out an average of 50' to 100' of rode.

Multi Hulls - Para-Anchor deployment is secured to each bow using a bridle system.



Multi Hull
Para-Anchor Deployment and Retrieval
1. Deploy Trip Line. Deploy the trip line off the windward side of your boat. Allow your vessel to drift away from the recovery line until it’s elongated.
2. Deploy Anchor. Simply drop the unit off the windward side of your boat. Our patented design and heavier materials immediately launch the para-anchor underwater
3. Deploy Rode. In calm conditions pay out very little deployment rode. In strong storms pay out at least 50% of your deployment rode. Secure your deployment rode around a cleat to fully inflate the para-anchor.
4. Hook It. Motor toward the retrieval float located at the end of a trip line. Collect the float with a boat hook.
5. Pull It. Just pull the float line and the chute closes like an umbrella as the anchor rises from the depths.
6. Retrieve it. Your para-anchor returns with virtually no resistance. And, two minutes later your para-anchor is packed with our Fast-PAK bag.
Para-Anchor Details  |  Offshore Anchor |  Coastal Anchor |  Essential Para-Anchor Accessories
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