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  January 17, 2019
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Custom Pet Placemats
Custom Pet Placemats
Pet Placemats have a non-skid rubber backing. They're mold and mildew resistant and highly UV protected. Your pet's placemat can be personalized in your choice of font style and design layouts.

Custom embroidery instructions: All text messages will be embroidered in a centered format unless specified otherwise. If you have a specific layout request please email instructions to us with a reference to your order number. Or call us, (401) 580-4956, and explain your preferences. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Mat Style:

 Navy   Tan   Black   Green   Gray   Burgandy 
Mat Color:

 Embroidery Thread
 White   Silver   Gray   Black   Navy   Baby Blue 
 Aqua   Red   Burgundy   Yellow   Gold 
 Brown   Tan   Forest Green   Light Green   Purple   Pink 
Embroidery Thread Color

Font Style

Enter text (15 char. max.)

 Order Your Custom Pet Placemat
Continental US Shipping
Small - $14.50
Medium - $15.50
Large - $18.50
Please ask for international and expedited shipments.
Custom pet placemats are not refundable.
 Add a Graphic Design to Your Pet's Custom Placemat
Price - $10.00
The Little Cat Rescue
Needs your help!
If your your order includes Shipping "TBD" - You will receive shipping estimate for your approval during order review.
Contact YOS directly to buy:  Phone: (401) 580-4956, Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST. Saturday 9 am to 2 pm.
 Fax: (941) 580-5840
Or, register, log on and  part match to postings. has been reliably serving boaters since 2002.
Credit Cards connects boater.
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