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  December 16, 2018
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Fiorentino Para-Anchor, Sea Anchor, Drogue, Boat Storm Survival. Fiorentino Para-Anchor
Storm Survival Gear for All Boats
Para-Anchor Details  |  Offshore Anchor |  Coastal Anchor |  Essential Para-Anchor Accessories
Fiorentino's Coastal Storm Anchor and Sport Fishing Tool
Fiorentino's Coastal Storm Anchor and Sport Fishing Tool
FIORENTINO'S exclusive Coastal Anchor with Para-Ring® is built with larger panels and less shroud lines than Fioren-tino's Offshore Anchor. The Coastal anchor is ideal for short-term outings, coastal cruising, and is an excellent sport fishing tool to slow vessel drift. Fiorentino's Coastal Anchor also allows boaters to rest, ride out the storm or even sleep on their boats without worry.
Fiorentino's Coastal Anchor is the only compact anchor built with tough flexible 8 oz. nylon fabric, strong commercial fishing lines and all stainless hardware. Rated number one by sport fishermen for with-standing numerous deployments season after season without breakage.
Includes built-in custom sized canopy weights and a patented stainless steel Para-Ring® that prevents chafe and canopy tumbling during heavy weather
Fiorentino para-anchors are perfectly weighted down so they can be deployed with or without a deployment bag. The Fast PAK® stowage bag allows you to roll the para-anchor up fast--just like a sleeping bag! Plus, It stows the trip line and anchor all in one bag. The deployable stowage bag (optional) allows you to toss the entire unit overboard.
Fiorentino Coastal Para-Anchor Includes:
  • Fast-PAK® Stowage Bag
  • Stainless Para-Ring® & Swivel
  • Installed Anti-Rotation Weights
  • DVD Instruction Video
  • Impressive 5 Year Warranty
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Model# Boat Length*,
    Cruising Weight*
    Coast-6 30 10,000 6 $282.00
    Coast-9 35 20,000 9 $350.00
    Coast-12 45 30,000 12 $532.00
    Coast-16 50 40,000 16 $755.00
    Coast-18 60 46,000 18 $854.00
    Coast-21 65 50,000 21 $896.00
    Coast-24 +65 +50,000* 24 $1,232.00
    *Sizing consideration for your Para-Anchor:
  • Your boat's weight, displacement, windage, type, drag and primary usage should be used to size your Para-Anchor. Not sure, contact us and we can help.
  • Overnight layovers and drift fishermen typically require larger Para-Anchors.
  • Heavy weather use only may allow you to size down your Para-Anchors.
  • Sailboats that "heave to" may be able to size down their Para-Anchor
  • Large windage boats, multi-hulls and power boats, may need to size up.

  • **Shipping charge applies to continental US only. Please contact for overseas shipping.
    Para-Anchor Details  |  Offshore Anchor |  Coastal Anchor |  Essential Para-Anchor Accessories
    If your your order includes Shipping "TBD" - You will receive shipping estimate for your approval during order review.
    Contact YOS directly to buy:  Phone: (401) 580-4956, Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST. Saturday 9 am to 2 pm.
     Fax: (941) 580-5840
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