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  December 14, 2018
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Fiorentino Para-Anchor, Sea Anchor, Drogue, Boat Storm Survival. Fiorentino Para-Anchor
Storm Survival Gear for All Boats
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Fiorentino's Offshore Para-Anchor with Para-Ring®
Fiorentino's Offshore Para-Anchor 
with Para-Ring®
Superior Performance. Engineered by real life boating experts, this is the only parachute sea anchor to self adjust in heavy seas and strong ocean currents. It is also the only parachute sea anchor that absorbs massive shock loads without blowing panels or twisting parachute lines. That means no collapsing canopies, making all the difference when cruising in storm conditions.
Outstanding Para-Ring® Advantage. Fiorentino’s exclusive stainless steel Para-Ring® spreads out the shroud lines, thus preventing chafe and enabling the swivel to work without restriction. The Para-Ring® spins and pivots when it's pulled behind a tugboat, even with 12,000 lbs. of pressure and turbulent propeller backwash attacking the parachute canopy. A spinning swivel prevents twisted lines from closing the canopy shut and the pivotal motion from the Para-Ring® adjusts to fight the natural tendency for a canopy to flip inside out in breaking seas and strong ocean currents.
Deploy's Safe and Easy Every Time. Fiorentino's patented design makes it easy for any crewmember to deploy the para-anchor safe and easy every time. Simply drop the rolled up unit into the water. Fiorentino's Para-Ring® and precision weight placement inside the canopy quickly sink the para-anchor below dangerous waves. The fast submersion fully inflates the parachute canopy immed-iately. Secure your anchor line; you're done!
Stows Trip Line and Anchor In One Bag-- Pack away in two minutes or less with Fiorentino's Fast-PAK!®. Just roll it up like a sleeping bag and place the trip line and the anchor in one bag! Fiorentino also offers an optional heavy duty deployment bag that allows you to toss the entire unit overboard. No Deployment Bag Or Bulky Chain Needed Fiorentino’s para-anchors are the only parachute anchors that can be deployed as is without the use of a deployment bag or adding bulky chain. That means it won't inflate on deck because the whole system is compact and properly "weighted down."
Fiorentino Offshore Para-Anchor Includes:
  • Fast-PAK® Stowage Bag
  • Stainless Para-Ring® & Swivel
  • Installed Anti-Rotation Weights
  • DVD Instruction Video
  • Impressive 5 Year Warranty
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Model# Boat Length*,
    Cruising Weight*
    FPA-6 30 10,000 6 $385.00
    FPA-9 35 20,000 9 $535.00
    FPA-12 45 30,000 12 $775.00
    FPA-16 50 40,000 16 $985.00
    FPA-18 60 46,000 18 $1,150.00
    FPA-21 65 50,000 21 $1,350.00
    FPA-24 +65 +50,000* 24 $1,590.00
    FPA-28 +65 +50,000* 28 $1,845.00
    FPA-34 +65 +50,000* 34 $2,795.00
    FPA-40 +65 +50,000* 40 $4,874.25
    *Sizing consideration for your Para-Anchor:
  • Your boat's weight, displacement, windage, type, drag and primary usage should be used to size your Para-Anchor. Not sure, contact us and we can help.
  • Overnight layovers and drift fishermen typically require larger Para-Anchors.
  • Heavy weather use only may allow you to size down your Para-Anchors.
  • Sailboats that "heave to" may be able to size down their Para-Anchor
  • Large windage boats, multi-hulls and power boats, may need to size up.

  • **Shipping charge applies to continental US only. Please contact for overseas shipping.
    Para-Anchor Details  |  Offshore Anchor |  Coastal Anchor |  Essential Para-Anchor Accessories
    If your your order includes Shipping "TBD" - You will receive shipping estimate for your approval during order review.
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