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  February 16, 2019
YachtsOfStuff,com Boating Gear
OMS Outboard Motor Hoist
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Unbeatable Value - OMS Outboard Motor Hoists use superior materials and construction methods; 316 stainless steel tubing, state-of-the-art TIG welding, proprietary polishing to a brilliant finish, and comprehensive hardware kits for easy installation. Don't be fooled by other's cheap prices.
"Simply the Best; Of all the Outboard Motor Hoists we have seen, OMS hoists have the highest quality, design ruggedness and ease of installation."
A representative will give you complete support for selection, installation and maintenance of your Outboard Motor Hoist. When your order is processed, a representative will contact you and review all the details and requirements for successful installation.
MD-10 & MD20 Outboard Motor Hoists for Sail and Power Boats
OMS Motor Lift
MD20 Motor Lift
MD10 & MD20 Installation

Model SS Wall
MD10 0.065" 4:1
MD20 0.120" 6:1
Motor Lifts are constructed from only the highest quality marine stainless tubing and fully polished to a brillant finish. All fittings and fasteners are stainless steel. Additional features include precision, state-of-the-art TIG welds, UHMW plastic rail bushings eliminate chafe and corrosion at mounting points and an outboard sling made from heavy-duty belt webbing with stainless fittings.

OMS Motor Lifts can easily be installed in about an hour. A full range of spacers, mounts and brackets are available for hard-to-fit models. The base mount is a "universal joint" that allows installation on any angle surface. Quality tackle with 3/8" yacht braid for low friction hauling.
Motor Lift Options:
 Select Line Color:

 Select Hoist Attachment Type:
Model Rating Price
MD10 100 lbs
(45 Kg)
MD20 225 lbs
(102 Kg)
Outboard Motor Harness - made with U/V resistant mil. spec. webbing and all stainless fasteners and fittings. $75.00
Perko Rod Holder - OMS Motor Hoist Mounting Option for MD10, MD20 and CD175. Easy installation on gunwales. $100.00
A representative will call and review your order to assure correct selection and quality, trouble-free installation.

*Shipping charges will be calculated at time of order review for your approval.
Please ask for international shipping.
If your your order includes Shipping "TBD" - You will receive shipping estimate for your approval during order review.
Contact YOS directly to buy:  Phone: (401) 580-4956, Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST. Saturday 9 am to 2 pm.
 Fax: (941) 580-5840
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