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  January 17, 2019
YachtsOfStuff,com Boating Gear
Boat, Yacht, & RV Dehumidifier
By a name you can trust, Mermaid Manufacturing
Dry Pal Dehumidifier
Boat, Yacht, & RV Dehumidifier
  DP1 Dry Pal Dehumidifier  |  Drawer Unit Refrigeration
Mermaid's Dry-Pal Boat Dehumidifier
Dry Pal Dehumidifiers are ideal for keeping to any boat, yacht, camper, or RV (250-350 cubic feet) dry and damp-free. Dry Pal can be used instead of using your air conditioning system. Manufactured out of 304-18 gauge polished stainless steel. Brand new and factory warrantied. Available with 110 volt or 220 volt power.
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Boat, Yacht, & RV Dehumidifier; DP1: Dry Pal
Dimensions: L - 13" W - 12" H - 7"
Power Consumption: Approx: 385 watts (3.5 amps) @ 115v; 1.75 amps @ 220v
Output at 80 degrees, 60% relative humidity: 20-25 pints of water in 24 hours
Weight: 36 lbs.
The Dry-Pal, 110v application is designed to dehumidify an area 250-350 cubic feet. Larger area dehumidification is possible with loss of optimal humidity levels. Non-skid rubber feet will not damaging counter tops or tables. Install Dry Pal where there is no air obstructions and near a condensate drain to either an overboard thru-hull or a sump pump. Dry-Pal is protected with the security of a one-year warranty. 6 feet of clear 1/2 condensation hose provided.
DP-1 110 Volt Price:  $940.00   (US Shipping:  $55.00 )
DP-2 220 Volt Price: $1,040.00   (US Shipping: $55.00)
If your your order includes Shipping "TBD" - You will receive shipping estimate for your approval during order review.
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 Fax: (941) 580-5840
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