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  September 19, 2018
  Mermaids Dry Pal Dehumidifier
Dry Pal Dehumidifier
Mermaids Cabin Air Conditioners
Cabin Air
Quick Flush Valve System
Engine Flush
Webasto Air Conditioning
Marine Air Conditioning
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90-293Q Relay for Pump Relay Boxes 90-293Q Relay for Pump Relay Boxes
Relay for Pump Relay Boxes, Enclosed fan relay, single pole double throw. Temp. range: 40 deg. F. to 150 deg. F
90-340 Reversing Relay 90-340 Reversing Relay
90-340 Reversing Relay; 24 volt, 2 pole switching relay, double throw, Semi-enclosed design
picture not available

90-920 Fan Relay
Fan Relay
ACH2121U Compressor M12 ACH2121U Compressor M12
Compressor M12 115V
ACH2122U Compressor M12 230V ACH2122U Compressor M12 230V
Compressor M12 230V 60 HZ; Rotary A/C Compressor, Voltage @ 60 hz 208/230 Volts, BTUH 11350, Nominal Power 1 HP, Running Current @ BTUH 4.6 Amperes, ( Optional Run Capacitor Part Number:CAP30370), Base Mounting Triangle 6 Inches, Line Connection Discharge Inside Diameter 5/16 Inches, Line Connection Suction Inside Diameter 1/2 Inches, Functional Length 8 Inches, Height 12 9/16 Inches, Width 4 21/32 Inches, R22.
ACH2126U Compressor M12  220V ACH2126U Compressor M12 220V
Compressor M12 220V 50 HZ
ACH2131U-A   Compressor M16 ACH2131U-A Compressor M16
Compressor M16 115V
ACH2146U Compressor M16 220V ACH2146U Compressor M16 220V
Compressor M16 220V 50HZ
ACH2152U Compressor M16 230V ACH2152U Compressor M16 230V
Compressor M16 230V 60HZ
ACH2252U Compressor M24 230V ACH2252U Compressor M24 230V
Compressor M24 230V 60 HZ
ACH25X1U Compressor M5/M6 ACH25X1U Compressor M5/M6
Compressor M5/M6 115V
ACH25X6U Compressor M5/M6 220V  ACH25X6U Compressor M5/M6 220V
Compress M5/M6 220V 50HZ
ACH27X2U Compressor M5/M6 230V ACH27X2U Compressor M5/M6 230V
Compressor M5/M6 230 V 60 HZ
ACH28X1U Compressor M9 ACH28X1U Compressor M9
Compressor M9 115v
ACH28X2U Compressor M9  230V ACH28X2U Compressor M9 230V
Compressor M9 230V 60HZ
AVT4 Access Valve 5/16” AVT4 Access Valve 5/16”
5/16' SAE Access Valve with 2'' Copper Extension Tube; Extension length approx. 2'', Material is CDA 360 Brass & Standard Refrigeration Tubing, Includes Wrench Cap, For use with all refrigeration, Valves meet ARI standard 720-97
AVT6 Access Valve 3/8” AVT6 Access Valve 3/8”
3/8' SAE Access Valve with 2'' Copper Extension Tube; Extension length approx. 2'', Material is CDA 360 Brass & Standard Refrigeration Tubing, Includes Wrench Cap, For use with all refrigeration, Valves meet ARI standard 720-97
B11-834 Time Delay B11-834 Time Delay
Time Delay; Protects compressors against damage from rapid short-cycling, Adjustable 0.03 to 10 Min., Solid state reliability, Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry, Specifications: Output: SPST N.O. 1.5A, 15A in-rush, Time delay: Repeat accuracy 2%
picture not available

BD35 MM1 Compressor
MM1 Compressor
picture not available

BD50 MM2 Compressor
MM2 Compressor
Blower - M12  230V Blower - M12 230V
Part# 2C917-8 Blower M12 A/C, 230V
Blower - M16  115V Blower - M16 115V
Part# 4YJ32 M16 A/C, 115 V
Blower - M16  220V Blower - M16 220V
Part # 4C870-5 Blower M16 A/C, 220 V
Blower - M5  115V Blower - M5 115V
Part# 7000 M5 A/C, 115V
Blower - M5  220V Blower - M5 220V
Part# 7000-220V Blower M5 A/C, 220 V
Blower - M6  115V Blower - M6 115V
Part# 4C447-2 Blower-M6 A/C, 115V
Blower - M6 220V Blower - M6 220V
Part# 4C869-7 Blower M6 A/C, 220 V
Blower - M9 / M12  115V Blower - M9 / M12 115V
Part# 4YJ31 M12 A/C, 115V
Blower - M9 / M12  220V Blower - M9 / M12 220V
Part# 4C444-SPORDER Blower M9 / M12 A/C, 220V
Blower M24 (220 VOLT) Blower M24 (220 VOLT)
picture not available

BTHCN-07-ES-RH Condensor Coil- M6/M9
Condensor Coil- M6/M9
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