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  February 16, 2019
Top 5 Boating Products on in 2013
#1 Mariner 500 Communicator Headsets
Mariner 500 Communicator Headsets Most Popular Item, Completely Hands Free

Boat Radio Communications for On-Deckand On-Board. Features long range, hands free, full duplex (both parties can talk at the same time. Also known as the "Marriage Savers".

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#2 Dock Boxes
Dock Boxes Quality, Durable Dock Boxes

Over 35 differnet sizes and styles for any need; dock, marina, deck, pool and patio. Constructed from qulaity materials; fiberglass or polyethylene, and stainless steel hardware. Sizes from 2 feet to over 6 feet long. Corner, triangular boxes available too. Available with vents, gas lid shocks, dive tank rack, fishing pole holders, and locks.

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#3 Portholes and Deadlights
Portholes and Deadlights Used in boats, homes and businesses

Wide selection of sizes and finishes; from 8 Inch to 24 inch diameter. Finishes including brass, nickel and faux finishes. Very popular with boating enthusiasts and interior designers. Exterior working portholes include hinges, flanges, spigots and dog-ears. Interior portholes for decorative purposes. Dead lights are non-opening porthole windows.

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#4 Center Consoles
Center Consoles Replacement Center Consoles

Quality, durable consoles manufactured using a minimum of 3/16" thick, heavy fiberglass, all stainless steel (corrosion-proof) hardware and ultra-violet resistant white gel-coat. For replacement and refurbishment of center console boats from 12 feet to 40 foot boats. Popular with boat builders, marinas and do-it-yourselfers. Over 24 styles to customize for your boat's controls; steering, throttle, and electrical component.

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#5 Quick Flush Valve SystemTM
Quick Flush Valve System Boat Engine and Outdrive Flush System

Quick Flush ValveTM hardware for easy flushing, maintenance and winterizing of your boat engines and motors; gas, inboard/outboard, outdrives, diesel, generators, ACs. The Quick Flush ValveTM bronze fittings mount permanently in your engines cooling system for easy connection to garden hose flushing, anti-freeze winterizing and emergency bilge pumping.

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