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  January 17, 2019
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Dr. Shrink
Boat Shrinkwrap & Gear
Sales & Specials
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$ALE, While Supplies Last!
Deluxe Magnum Bait Cutting Board
Cut Bait!
TeaQua - Oil, Pigment, and Sealer
TeaQua Beautifies Teak
Personalized Jackets and Outerwear
Personalized Jackets
Victor Boat Steering Wheels
Victor Wheels
Custom Pet Placemats
Boater's Best Friend
Wind Charger
Wind Charger
Pirate Decor
Pirate Decor
Nautical Bells
Nautical Bells
AnchorSuit, Anchor Safety and Protection
TitanSTOR Dock Box
10 Year Warrantee
Renew, restore your inflatable boat
SRC Tuff-Coat
Nautical Jewelry
Nautical Jewelry
Line Caddy
Line Caddy
Dock & Anchor Line Chafe Guard
Line Chafe Guards
Distinctive Nautical/Tropical Metal Art
Nautical Art
Marine SuperSump Shower Sump Tank
Holding & Sump Tanks
Breeze bandit
Breeze Bandit
Motor Lifts
Motor Lifts
Dino Marine Steering Wheels
Marine Steering Wheels
Mermaids Cabin Air Conditioners
Cabin Air
Aqua Lights Underwater Lighting
Sea in the Dark
Fiorentino's Para-Anchor
Drawer Unit Refrigeration
Drawer Refrigeration
Signal Mate, Boating Safety through Better Signaling
Signal Mate
Swim Platform Davits
Roll On Davits
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For Release: December 10, 2006
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Mr. Paul Solan
S2ware, LLC /
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Tel: (401) 580-4956
Fax: (401) 615-9268
Email: Announces 150% Sales Growth in 2006 sales have increased for the fourth consecutive year. 2006 sales were up by a record 150% over 2005 results. Paul Solan, President, said " 2006 marketing and sales plan goals were met and exceeded. Our 2007 plan is for continued double digit growth. 2006 also saw the completion of our second office in Bradenton Florida." unique forum connects boaters and businesses on-line. was founded in 2002. has registered thousands of boaters and businesses for its services. connects boaters worldwide to buy, sell, and find boats, boat parts, marine accessories and yacht supplies. Additional information may be obtained by contacting S2ware, LLC /; PO Box 1941; East Greenwich, RI 02818; Telephone: 401-580-4956; E-mail:

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